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Who We Are ?

Meval Global Real Estate Consultancy

We are a young and energetic team that values the interests of our investors above all. We started our consulting business in order to isolate investors from the systemic risks of investing in Turkey.

Since 2016, we started sharing oppurtunities in Turkey with our customers and we added experienced members to our company. We are a young and energetic company with a team who has worked in the top tier real estate firms in the country. With this experience and industry know how we know how to make our investors assets grow and flourish.

We are rapidly expanding due to intense interest from the GCC countries as well as the recent inflow of far-east capital into Turkey.


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    DYAKOGLOBAL Real Estate Consultancy

    Our Values


    In all of Istanbul locations, we build high performance platforms with our own local experts and thus create the best investment prospects for our clients.

    Happy Clients

    We are passionate about what we do and we take pride in achieving the personalised results that you have in mind.


    We expand our portfolio in terms of sectors, risk profiles, and geogrephies, in order to offer our investors a broad range of products and investment strategies.

    Trusted Partner

    We are a reliable and long-term partner for our clients.With our investors, we position ourselves sustainably as one of the most successful real estate consulting firm in İstanbul.

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