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Turkish Citizenship By Investment

With the new regulation which was declared on September 18t in 2018,  Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners who make


Option (A) stipulates that a minimum amount of property (real estate) investment shall be
made for $400k USD on the condition to not sell the invested property within the next 3 years. This
amount has been reduced from $1m USD to $400k USD.


Option (B) requires to deposit $500k USD in cash (or the equal value in Turkish Lira) for at least
3 years in one of the Turkish Banks.


Eligible Family Member

The following family members can be included in an application

  • Principal Applicant
  • Spouse
  • Children 18 or under


  • Full citizenship granted following background check plus Turkish Citizenship and Passport delivered quickly within 3-6 months only.
  • You can both have a solid investment with regular income and at the same time you can obtain one of the most sought citizenships in the World.
  • Visa Free Travel for 148 countries
  • E2 Treaty Country; Easy to obtain US Residency after getting Turkish Citizenship
  • Turkish Citizens can easily relocate inside the UK and EU with respect to the Ankara Agreement between the EU and Turkey
  • No Minimum Residency in Turkey Required
  • Ownership of one of the Top Passports in the World
  • Turkish passport has 10 year validity and is renewable for life
  • Turkey Identity Card Included
  • Full free Medical assistance for life for all family members
  • No need to declare your wealth
  • Turkey allows Dual & Multiple Citizenships
  • No Military Service required for TCBI Applicants
  • Pension Programs Included
  • Free Education and University Reimbursement Plans are provided
  • Future Access without visa to EU, 26 Schengen Zone Countries


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