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The interest of foreign investors to our country is increasing day by day. Real estate and construction sector is the locomotive of Turkey’s economy. The steps you need to pay attention to when buying a flat are as follows.

1. Picking a property

We can choose the flat that suits your requests together. Let’s visit the project you like. When you decide to buy, you will sign a reservation form between you and developer. This reservation form contains information such as sales price, delivery time, contact info, amount of deposit, sales date etc.

2. Opening a Turkish Bank Account

You need to open an account from Turkish banks before purchasing flat.

Required documents

  • Have to own tax number, (easily can get from tax office)
  • A correspondence address ( usually a recent utility bill or rental contract)
  • Mobile phone number, (easily can get from supplier)
  • A valid passport not older than 10 years old.

3. Placing funds in the Bank Account

Transfer the determined sales price to your new turkish bank account.

4. Evaluation report

It is important to be prepared by reliable and licensed real estate valuation firms. What’s written on valuation report mentioned below.

  • All details of title deeds
  • Pictures of the property
  • Location of the property on the map with coordinates
  • Price approval
  • Similar property prices
  • The current debt situation on the property
  • Approval of acceptance of the Land Registry and Directorate General of Survey.

5. Completion of the property purchase (sale transfer)

On the day of sale, the seller and the buyer go to the land registry office together. Before signing, the sales price is deposited into the seller’s account. After both parties have signed, the deed has been transferred.

Required documents

  • Passport translation
  • Valuation report from licensed real estate valuation firm
  • Money transfer receipt
  • Sworn translator
  • 2 biometric photos

We wanted to briefly mention the sales process in Turkey. We are always with you in this process. If you have questions, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you!
Contact us for further questions. We are online 7/24.

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